Communication! As you have probably noticed I’m not very good at it. This blog, Facebook, Twitter all look the same. A word thrown in here or there, a picture with barely a caption, sometimes I cave and write a blog. My goal this year is to correct this.

It has been a great few months!

I sent out many query letters and didn’t get a bite from any of them. Not a partial request, not a full, nothing. It’s okay. Each rejection is a motivation to learn more so I have been working on fixing my letter.

The holidays were fantastic! With Birthdays on Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall Festivals, Christmas and Winter Bell shows and pageants, and Three Kings Day the past four months have been a wonderful blur of Life, Love and Happiness!

I was lucky enough also to get my hands on some baby sitting and get to a Philly Liars Pot Luck. Usually with juggling my crazy work schedule and lack of childcare I miss out on everything including the Philly Liar functions but not this time. The stars lined up and I made it. I was very warmly welcomed by all and got to finally meet the absolutely fantastic Don Lafferty, the extremely talented and wonderfully down to earth Mr. Jonathan Maberry (OMG moment #1) who gave me the skinny on The Writers Coffeehouses the Philly Liars host in Willow Grove and possibly some new locations starting up soon. It really is a great opportunity to meet with other writers who understand what you may be going through and learn from each other. To learn more check them out here:

My OMG moment #2 was meeting Marie Lamba. Based on an Amazon recommendation I had actually just started reading her new young adult novel Drawn so when she was standing in front of me I tried very hard not to geek out and have her sign my e-reader. It was difficult but I managed to not embarrass myself. I think. I hope. I pray? Anyway, she was wonderful and friendly and made me feel right at home. Drawn was a refreshing twist on paranormal romance, beautifully written and captivating. I loved it!

I met so many wonderful people that night, Nate, Rachael and the wonderful J. Thomas Ross who is a member of a fantastic informative blog called The Author Chronicles, please check them out here:

So even though I’ve been silent I have been very busy but I promise not to stay away as long as I have been.

Thanks for checking in!

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