And then…

Summer has been very busy. I happily focused on my family during the day and edited, rewrote, rearranged and polished every night finishing my young adult urban fantasy manuscript. I have also learned that sometimes manuscripts are never done but I forced myself to let it go.

My goal was to have it completed by mid August and a query letter written by the end of August. I failed. Query wasn’t completed and sent until Sept 1st but I did it. Once I sent it out I was sick with all of the things I did wrong. That feeling lasted only a moment because in the end I still did it. I let it go and it felt good.

I could have held on to the query letter picking it apart and gluing its bloody pieces back together every night forever. Procrastination is a mind trap that way and I didn’t want to do that to myself. I love this story and I want to share it and there is only one way to do that. I had to let it go. Grant it, it may come back with a big fat NO (I have mentally prepared for it). But getting a no now doesn’t mean never. Shut up! That’s what I’m telling myself and it’s working.

I have moved on to work on a novella and the second book in the young adult series and it feels great. Just because I’m waiting on a response doesn’t mean the story has to stop and wait with me. It must move forward and grow and with it so will I, or that’s the plan.

My beta readers keep asking for pages “come on you have to have something for me” one said just this weekend. It’s great to see them so excited they even asked for one of my older manuscripts and I may have to cave in.

I hope everyone had a great summer but now it’s time to go feed the beast. Last night I sent a character through a few of my old streets in Philly making myself homesick in the process. Tonight I play with Ducati’s. Yay me!

Write on!


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