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Aidan ~

“Nah, that’s my life,” she said, calming down enough to speak and pulling out of Braxton’s embrace. “I find out I’m half Seer and half Dragon, some kind of mega magical weapon and … instead of there being some sort of dramatic backdrop like a full moon or an ominous thunderstorm, some hobo pisses all over my cage,”

Dreaming Fire by Merced Davis


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And then…

Summer has been very busy. I happily focused on my family during the day and edited, rewrote, rearranged and polished every night finishing my young adult urban fantasy manuscript. I have also learned that sometimes manuscripts are never done but I forced myself to let it go.

My goal was to have it completed by mid August and a query letter written by the end of August. I failed. Query wasn’t completed and sent until Sept 1st but I did it. Once I sent it out I was sick with all of the things I did wrong. That feeling lasted only a moment because in the end I still did it. I let it go and it felt good.

I could have held on to the query letter picking it apart and gluing its bloody pieces back together every night forever. Procrastination is a mind trap that way and I didn’t want to do that to myself. I love this story and I want to share it and there is only one way to do that. I had to let it go. Grant it, it may come back with a big fat NO (I have mentally prepared for it). But getting a no now doesn’t mean never. Shut up! That’s what I’m telling myself and it’s working.

I have moved on to work on a novella and the second book in the young adult series and it feels great. Just because I’m waiting on a response doesn’t mean the story has to stop and wait with me. It must move forward and grow and with it so will I, or that’s the plan.

My beta readers keep asking for pages “come on you have to have something for me” one said just this weekend. It’s great to see them so excited they even asked for one of my older manuscripts and I may have to cave in.

I hope everyone had a great summer but now it’s time to go feed the beast. Last night I sent a character through a few of my old streets in Philly making myself homesick in the process. Tonight I play with Ducati’s. Yay me!

Write on!

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My Awesome Beta Reader!

How do people find their Beta-Readers?

I have no idea. When ever I ask someone this question they tell me to ask friends or family and some have even mentioned finding one online. These suggestions all make sense but for some it’s not that easy.

I love to write. I may not be great at it but I do enjoy it. There is nothing else like it. The ability to create an entire universe with just a blank page, 26 letters, 10 numbers and a few punctuation marks is amazing to me. I love, love, love it! 

But once I complete a story what do I do with it? Get someone to read it, right? Hell’s yeah! I need to find me a Beta-Reader.

Well, that proved to be the hardest part of the entire experience. The friends and family around who promised to read for me once I was done suddenly became busy. They were so scared they might have to give negative feed back they completely stepped away. Someone suggested I look on-line but for every positive review I read about one site there were three negative ones. A little scary for a first timer.

Finally one of my friends and co-workers stepped up to the plate. Month’s prior she was the one I threw the story idea at and even though it was not her cup of tea she saw that I was so excited about it she encouraged me to follow it through and I did. Once she found out no one else would read it she stepped up and volunteered. Never reading an Urban Fantasy before she was a little apprehensive but willing.

We discussed it and came to the conclusion to take it one chapter at a time. I would send her one chapter she would take notes and then ask for the next chapter when she was ready. That way if she wanted to stop reading she could. No hurt feelings.  All I asked was that she be TOTALLY HONEST.

And she was. I received e-mails with correction’s, questions, or suggestions at the end of each chapter. It was great because it was a step forward and after being stuck looking for a Beta moving forward is exciting.  Now don’t get me wrong she was also very positive. I would get e-mails saying “OMG! I need the next chapter now!” I think the funniest comment she made was “It’s a real book. When I read it, it doesn’t sound like the you from work.”  I took that as a huge compliment. I also loved going into work and seeing her excited with question’s about the story (never reading anything paranormal/fantasy before) and characters and how it made her feel. How some parts were funny, emotional and sometimes “creepy” (but she liked it).

I will admit it. I’m not aggressive, I’m goofey and silly most of the time and I think that’s what made most of my friends and family (including my husband) not take me very seriously and that’s okay. I’ll own that. But I do want to thank my wonderful Beta-Reader who stepped miles out of her comfort zone to help and encourage me.

Thank you!

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And so it begins!

Today I have decided to start my own blog. No shit right!

What I mean is I used to post at the Davishaigh blog but started feeling guilty using it as a platform for projects that were not Davishaigh related. So, here I am! The Davis from Davishaigh. I will be popping over there to discuss our joint projects that are in the works but here it’s all about Davis. 

In case we haven’t met before I am Merced Davis. I’m a mother, a wife and I have a day job outside of the house with a commute that would cause most people to go mad. I’m busy just like the rest of the world but because I love it I also find time to write. I love getting lost in the Supernatural world where anything is possible.

I have “co-authored” a Paranormal Romance and am finishing up a Young Adult Urban Fantasy that has my Beta-Readers pretty excited. I hope to talk about it more in the future and let everyone know how it’s progressing. In the mean time I will be documenting cool things I may find for newbie writers like myself or just mumbling. Everyday’s a gamble!

Now, I’m off to write.

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